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10:10 is about one simple idea: we all commit to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% a year. Big tasks are easier if broken down into smaller, manageable pieces - and 10% this year is much more tangible and achievable than, say, 80% by 2050. 10:10 campaign is voluntary, which means anybody can join either by signing up to the campaign or by working for the campaign. Individuals and families, schools and universities, small shops and global brands, film stars and politicians ... almost everyone can cut their carbon emissions by 10%.

TBWA's Roof Garden - Grow Up Helsinki

Talking about environmental issues is something every company should be doing. TBWA Helsinki wanted to do something concrete for the environment and will convert during the spring and summer their central Helsinki office roof into a beautiful garden filled with herbs, vegetables and wild flowers, that doubles as a high quality multifunctional creative working space. The produce from the garden will then be supplied to TBWA staff, clients as well as local restaurants. By setting an example, TBWA hopes to make a positive impact on the community with low carbon footprint solutions as well as inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.


Grow Up Helsinki


10:10:11 Helsinki Flash Mob

Monday the 10th of October is an international climate day started by the climate campaign called 10:10.
10:10 Finland arranges a flash mob event that takes place all around Finland. Precisely at 17:10 people all around Finland freeze into a "living sculptures" holding signs that tell how they are cutting their carbon footprint.

In Helsinki we'll meet 16:50 in front of the south entrance of the Railway Station. If possible printing the signs beforehand is very recommendable. Find the "pohjat" pdf for signs here:


10:10 “Low Carbon and Delicious” cook book launched

10:10 campaign in the Mediterranean has published “Low Carbon and Delicious” cook book that shares over 50 recipes from 17 countries, providing a simple insight of what “low carbon food” means and how anyone can make a positive impact on the environment from their own kitchen. A variety of recipes – from vegetarian to vegan – offers a great way to explore other cultures and climates, while having fun creating healthy meals. Read more.


10:10 campaign events